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About Edenaire

Customised Cooling Solutions

In spite of the diversity of standard products available, many customers continue to need a customised air conditioning solution. Exacting performance specifications or space constraints often create the need for bespoke designs.

Field trials and lab testing ensure standard products work before they reach the market whereas customised air conditioning must work right first time. Edenaire holds an enviable record for providing 'right first time' air conditioning solutions.

Over the years Edenaire has developed comprehensive design and manufacturing systems that deal quickly and cost effectively with a wide range of enquiries. Some clients' specifications, for example, require equipment to be able to withstand exceptional g-force or meet rigorous leakage tests with a design life of 25 years.

When British Telecom wanted energy efficient air conditioning for its switching centres Edenaire designed a range of equipment from scratch. Similarly, when IBM required close control heat exchange packages that could be built into their main frame computers and directly cool the processor, Edenaire again designed them from scratch.

Edenaire equipment is installed in manufacturing facilities, communication centres, control rooms and computer rooms in the UK and overseas.