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Our mission

Purpose-built energy efficient solutions

Although standard air conditioning products lend themselves to a wide variety of applications, but more specialist projects, particularly those involving close control applications require a customised approach.

Specialised applications often in niche markets require close and/or precision control that cannot be achieved using standard units. Computing and telecommunications industries as well as more specialised applications such as aircraft simulators are typical examples of where the requirement is for consistent and continuous cooling in unusual operating conditions.

Edenaire offers an impressive record of accomplishment in the design and manufacture of systems that can be cost effective and produce the desired result first time. There is no room for error. Because a system is tailored for a specific application, prototypes are built and rigorously tested. Customised units have to work ‘right first time’.

The growth of new technologies, demand for intelligent buildings and greater controls of working environments drive the need for customised solutions. Examples include MRI scanners, requiring constant cooling to prevent the unit from overheating and to protect the patient inside, The London Eye, The Eden Project and Network Rail. All required energy efficient cooling solutions from Edenaire.

Refurbishment’s also give rise to a customised approach. To eliminate the problems of restricted apertures and replacing the fabric of buildings, commercial property owners looked to the air conditioning industry to design a solution.

There will always be a demand for customised products. The growth in modern technologies has the disadvantage of generating high heat loads. These in turn fuel the demand for more energy efficient and reliable methods of cooling, which only a bespoke approach can overcome.