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Case studies

EWS maximises Walsall's AC plant

EWS, part of the Eaton-Williams group is providing an HVAC service and maintenance contract across a number of key sites for Walsall Council.

EWS provides HVAC service for Walsall CouncilEWS’ brief covers the Civic Centre in Walsall, the Council House and 10 other satellite sites across the town also including the town’s CCTV control room, Walsall Central Library and Bloxwich Leisure Centre.

The sites are diverse but the requirement is to ensure that the air conditioning across all of them runs optimally with energy efficiency a key driver.

EWS has a long history serving Walsall Council. Originally the company tendered and secured the contract for the computer room where close control air conditioning plays a critical role. EWS subsequently tendered for and won further contracts and now has responsibility for several sites with multi-vendor equipment as well as Eaton-Williams own Vapac humidifiers.

The Civic Centre which employs over 900 staff has the largest requirement. Its VAV based air conditioning system is required to maintain temperatures at 22-23ºC in the summer months and between 21º-22ºC in the cooler months with 45-50% RH (relative humidity). In the computer room temperatures of 23-24ºC need to be maintained to prevent heat gains which could have a detrimental affect on equipment.

EWS maintains multiple site for Walsall CouncilAt the heart of the system is a large (1,800kW) screw chiller to provide cooling for the entire building. The chiller is a critical component in the overall infrastructure and supplies four plant rooms each of which serves a quarter of the floors.

Unusually, the chiller is 30 years old and Paul Collier, Plant Maintenance Engineer attributes its longevity to the fact that EWS has maintained it very well over the years.

Other than a refurbishment involving the installation of a new compressor and retubing, the chiller has been trouble free and is only now in line for a replacement as R22 gas is being phased out and spare components are increasingly more difficult to source.

“As a result of the calibre of engineers and their expertise we have been able to maximise performance levels and ensure that the chiller runs as energy efficiently as possible.”

With a broad remit, Paul Collier simply doesn’t have the time for hand holding. Having confidence in his suppliers and continuity play an important role in the service provided. When contracts area awarded Paul expects third parties to stick to the specifications and get on with the job.

EWS addresses those requirements by ensuring that the same engineers service the site. Familiarity with the sites reduces time wastage so that EWS’ engineers can swiftly get down to the task in hand.