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EWS Services

Are you worried about gas legislation and how it can impact your plant or process?

EWS can help by providing a free consultation and advice.

London SmogThe Montreal Protocol has dictated that Ozone Depleting substances, such as refrigerant gases, are strictly regulated. F Gases or HFCs unlike the CFCs they replaced are not strictly ozone depleting but as they have a long life they are included under the Kyoto Protocol’s basket of gases.

  • CFC refrigerant gases including: R11, R12, R113, R114 & R115 have been banned since 2000.
  • HCFC gases such as R22 have been banned from new systems since 2004 and no service work requiring the of virgin R22 gas is permitted after January 1st 2010
  • Recycled R22 gas can be used up to Jan 1st 2015 but only for top up purposes and to refill a system that has always used R22. This assumes recycled R22 is available.
  • FGAS EC Regulation 842/2006 demands that all systems containing 3kg of refrigerant gas must have an annual leak check, over 30kgs the check is every 6 months and every 3 months for systems exceeding 300kg.
  • The exceptions are hermetically sealed units labelled as such and with under 6kg of gas.
  • Any repairs to detected leakages must be rechecked for leaks within one month.
  • Installations over 300kg require leak detection monitors as part of the system.
  • Under the Kyoto agreement all greenhouse gases are being strictly regulated. R407c and R410A will be the next HCFCs to be phased out. At this time there are no available replacements, and new equipment is still being sold using these products, so the timescales are unlikely to be short.
  • Only Engineers qualified to CITB Standards for Safe Handling of Refrigerants and Brazing can handle gases. EWS engineers are highly qualified and EWS is registered with DEFRA under the Environmental Protection Act for the transfer of waste gas.

There is a legal requirement for all system owners to keep their infrastructure well maintained and to have leak tests completed. They must also maintain records to show that their system uses acceptable refrigerants, define which systems require leak tests and which will become unserviceable with the 2010 legislation deadline. Having it maintained is not enough to comply.

To keep up to date with legal requirements and minimise the impact on your business before the deadline, start planning now to replace your refrigerants and/or systems. EWS can help by providing health checks, system optimisation, servicing and maintenance, and a full report on your compliance with the legislation.

For a FREE consultation call us now 01732 868282 or email us