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Vapac Solutions for Humidification

Why humidify?

An atmosphere with low humidity can have a detrimental effect on both equipment and personnel. Below 35%RH equipment and machinery with moving parts can be very susceptible to failure due to high Voltage static electrical discharges. Not only can the human body can become the painful conduit for static electrical discharges but can also be discomforted in a low humidity environment by dry skin, eyes, throat, and nasal passages. Raising the humidity levels above 35%RH can help to minimise these problems.

Why do I need more than Air Conditioning?

The process of Air Conditioning involves sensible and latent cooling in varying proportions. The latent proportion is responsible for the removal of moisture from the air, causing the controlled area to become dry. As a rule of thumb every kW of cooling removes approximately ½ kg/hr of moisture, this should be replaced by introducing additional humidification.


Vapac logoVapac is the UK’s leading designer and developer of resistance heater and electrode boiler humidifiers, exporting 60% of production to over forty overseas countries. Today’s ranges of Vapac humidifiers are virtually ‘fit and forget’, thanks to the power of their in-house designed controllers. Vapac’s electrode steam boilers provide humidification cost-effectively and the resistance heater range is suitable for softened, demineralised and mains tap water supply.

Vapac products are completely ‘green’. Not only can all components be recycled, including the disposable electrode cylinders, but, for those clients who have the necessary resources, Vapac offers a range of cleanable electrode cylinders that can be used several times before disposal. >> go to Vapac


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