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Adiabatic Cooling Technology from Eaton-Williams Can Boost Energy and Cost Savings for Data Centres

Eaton-Williams Group Limited has announced the availability of adiabatic cooling across its range of humidifiers and Air Handling Units (AHUs) and other specific products where there is a requirement to maximise energy savings and optimal performance efficiencies.

The company's adiabatic configurations will primarily include:

  • VAPAWALL® humidifiers
  • CTF data centre systems
  • Telecom coolers
  • AHU products

"We recognised a need in the market to offer stand-alone solutions as well as offering an integrated approach in packaged units," says Jeff Muir, Eaton-Williams Engineering Manager.

All industries are focused on reducing their energy usage. With the spotlight on the data centre industry which generates vast heat loads, manufacturers are focused on engineering solutions that combine cooling and humidifying capabilities whilst reducing the energy usage in these environments.

Higher operating temperatures in data centres have been recommended by the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating, and Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE).

The industry accepts that servers can perform in temperatures as high as 27°C and telecom equipment as high as 29°C. In addition humidity levels can be as high as 80% RH which means that adiabatic cooling is an ideal technology for these conditions.

How does adiabatic cooling work?

Water is distributed onto the adiabatic media, which is a corrugated construction that provides a large surface area. Air is then passed through the media, raising the humidity level and reducing the air dry bulb temperature.

This enables environments such as data centre halls to be cooled all year round using a natural resource - water, with minimal mechanical cooling requirements. Users can benefit from a lower cost adiabatic/evaporative cooling which helps to minimise energy usage.

In addition to data centres and high density supercomputing environments, where large constant cooling loads are required, adiabatic cooling can be used for ducted general commercial applications using AHUs. Typical applications include print works to avoid static issues, electronics manufacturing to cool machinery and avoid static issues, paint shops where humidity levels as high as 80%RH assist paint transfer and quality of finish as well as conference facilities where comfort cooling and humidification as required.

Eaton-Williams Group, LTD, an affiliate of CES Group®, provides climate controlled solutions for almost any environment: data centres, hospitals, commercial offices, and everything in between, backed up with 24/7 service and maintenance. Find out more about Eaton-Williams and its products at

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