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Qualitair products

Qualitair is a leading provider of low temperature solutions for product storage, air conditioning units for new build and refurbishment projects and of sophisticated precision air control equipment.

By forming close partnerships with customers, Qualitair successfully caters for a broad range of requirements from simple cooling, full close control unit applications for hi-tech industries to food preparation, storage of products such as fruit, flowers, vegetables and brewery products The Qualitair portfolio of standard products is stocked and available through all national refrigeration and air-conditioning wholesalers. OEM customers such as air handling unit manufacturers, who use Qualitair’s robust condensing unit range, are dealt with direct.

All products are manufactured by Qualitair at their extensive factory facilities and are fully supported.

Qualitair's New R410a cellar cooler and cool storage systems
Qualitair's range of cellar coolers and condensers now use R410a, which is rapidly becoming a popular refrigerant replacement for R22 because of the great number of advantages associated with it.

Heat Recovery Units
By installing one of Qualitair's slimline Heat Recovery Units (HRU) you can re-use the waste heat from your refrigeration or cooling equipment to heat your hot water for free.

Invicta Precision Air Control – IPAC
Designed for the continuous and demanding operation in Equipment cooling, these units can be supplied for cooling only or full function capability. Flexible air flow configuration and an impressive accessories list makes this range one of the leaders in the market

Invicta Cellar Coolers- ICC
These product coolers are available in two temperature ranges, 4°C to 18°C and 8°C to 18°C. Manufactured in Stainless Steel they provide reliable cooling for wines and beers, prolong the storage life of fresh fruit and vegetables and keep florist stock in peak condition.

Low Temperature Cassettes - QLC
The QLC range of low temperature cassettes is specifically designed for food preparation areas, which must, by legislation, be maintained at lower temperatures than can be achieved with standard air conditioning. QLC is also suitable for any area that requires low velocity with low temperature such as egg storage, flower wholesalers and cheese makers.

Air Cooled Condensing Units: ICU & ICUS
Suitable for air conditioning and refrigeration applications, these units offer low noise levels and small footprint and are suitable for floor, wall or roof mounting. Duty ranges match all other Qualitair products or can be used with other equipment. Qualitair also offer a range for the O.E.M. market such as A.H.U. manufacturers and Display Cabinet suppliers.