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Temperature Control

For over 50 years Eaton-Williams have been providing cooling solutions for Computer Room, Laboratories, Telecommunications to today's Data Centres and Server Rooms.

The ability to be able to customise designs, to exactly tailor cooling systems for the specific application, gives the Company a leading edge in the market place.


Moducel logoModucel specialises in the design and manufacture of air handling plant for commercial and industrial applications. They have supplied dedicated designed solutions to hospitals, supermarket chains, leisure stadiums, pharmaceutical buildings, office complexes and numerous other projects for over 40 years. Moducel also supply a range of fan coil units, having a choice of both waterside and airside control models. The company continues to supply VAV units for various projects. >> go to Moducel


Edenaire logoEdenaire has developed comprehensive design and manufacturing systems that deal quickly and cost-effectively with a wide range of applications for control rooms, satellite earth stations and cellular installations, flight simulators, together with many other precision air control applications. The telecommunications industry requires energy efficient cooling for its switching centres and Edenaire has built bespoke units for this market and continues to develop products in this field. >> go to Edenaire

servercool logoServerCool

ServerCool offers tailor made solutions for any heating or cooling application. ServerCool has excellent working relationships with key OEMs and with ServerCool’s engineering skills and lean manufacturing techniques it enables us to provide bespoke systems at the lowest possible cost.
>> go to ServerCool


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