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Vapac products

VapaNet Steam Systems (Isothermal)

Electrode Boiler Humidifier


Vapac VapaVoidThe VapaVoid unit uses advanced Vapac technology, combined with a slim structure, to introduce humidification to areas, when the cooling process may have removed moisture, where standard systems cannot be used.

The prime example of this flexibility is in a conditioned space where sensible/latent cooling is dehumidifying by default and wall mounted humidification equipment would be inappropriate.

The Void unit can be installed above the ceiling producing steam, absorbing it into its own air throughput and dispersing moist air into the environment.

Key features
  • Size. Access through two 600 x 600 mm ceiling tiles. 260 mm installation depth.
  • Noise. Low operational noise levels at nominally 35 dBA.
  • Control. Two to five kg/hr output capacity, operating as a single step.
  • Manual (PDF)
United Kingdom Installation & Operation Manual

Vapac reserve the right to change or amend at any time